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The Safe and Effective Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome

Mimos Pillow prevents and corrects cranial deformities during the first twelve months of your baby’s life.

The pillow works by increasing the area of contact beneath your baby’s head, reducing the pressure by up to 4 times.

Designed by a team of experts, Mimos pillow uses a unique three-dimensional polyester structure which allows for near-complete airflow, making it fully breath-through without harmful retention of carbon dioxide.

The product has been extensively tested and certified to ensure safety and comfort for babies and increase peace of mind for parents.

"We recommend the use of Mimos Pillow based on its observed, anecdotal and theoretical effectiveness… We have analysed a total of 15 pillows on the market and only the Mimos brand of pillow seems to us both effective and safe."

- Dr. Joseph Maria i Costa, Head of Neurosurgery of Saint Joan de Deu Hospital, Barcelona, Spain,

The main alternative treatment for Flat Head Syndrome is a special helmet which costs upwards of two thousand pounds and causes discomfort for babies who wear them.

We are passionate about providing a better solution, of which Mimos Pillow forms the greatest part, and we plan to use this site to build a repository of information to help parents combat this problem.

Please feel free to look around our site to gather more information and come back regularly to see the latest research and recommendations.

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Mimos Pillow is a Class I Medical Device, Clinically Proven to be Safe and Effective in the Treatment and Prevention of Flat Head Syndrome

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